Welcome to the Grand Traverse Beekeeping Club

Our membership continues to grow as the word gets out about what we are doing. Please join us if you are interested in keeping or protecting honeybees.

We are now associated with Crosshatch Guilds. Crosshatch brings together a lot of new resources and allows us to work with many other guilds with interests similar to ours.

NEW : Meeting will start at 6:30PM and is held at The Food Hub at 1610 Barlow Street in Traverse City. (Co-located with Cherry Capital Foods) Meeting dates are now set to the first Thursday of each month. The April 5th meeting will be our last at this location. We'll post our new meeting location here as soon as it is available.

Monthly discussions vary but generally follow these topics:

January: Basic equipment needs, cleaning, building and repairing equipment (bring supplier catalogs)

February: Bee autopsy, ordering bees, feeds. The order form for 2018 club bee ordering can be found at this link. (This order form is for club members only.)

March: Hive placement, supplemental feeding, basic beekeeping 101, hive autopsy.

April: Installing packages, discuss overwintering successes and failures.

May: Treating for mites and other pests, swarm removal.

June: Installing honey supers, compare colony status, basic hive inspections, making splits

July: Apiary tour (specific date to vary)

August: Treating for mites, harvesting honey

September: Winterizing hives

October: Making winter food, honey tasting and comparison

November: Storing equipment and honey supers for winter. Discuss colony successes and failures this year.

December: Generally no meeting this month.


More details can be found in our forum.

For Bee Swarm Rescue

Call the phone number on our Contacts page.